Mirrored Furniture Cleaning Tips

Mirrored Furniture can open up small spaces and brighten dark areas by amplifying and reflecting a light source. However, keeping those pieces looking their best can be a full-time job due to constant smudges and streaks-especially if they stand at the perfect height for small hands and wet noses. There is, however, a way to care for this surface type without wiping it down on the hour. Here,explains what you need to know about keeping your mirrored furniture clean-without actually letting it take over your life.


Mirrored furniture can be a great addition to your home, but these pieces can turn from shiny to grimy quickly. "To keep mirrors clean, make sure to dust weekly with a microfiber cloth to remove any specks that may have settled on the surface," people says. "For a deeper clean to remove smudges, fingerprints, or stains, you can either use a mirror-safe glass cleaner or make your own with ingredients in your house." suggests mixing equal parts distilled vinegar and water into a spray bottle if you want to go the DIY route. "Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away the cleaning solution, as this works best for a streak-free shine,"

Because mirrored furniture is vulnerable by default, suggests checking your pieces monthly for any cracks or jagged edges that may arise from frequent use; these can be dangerous for your family and pets. "Mirrored furniture definitely requires more maintenance than your typical vanity or end table, however, there are products available that claim to be fingerprint-resistant or smudge-proof," adding to look for those descriptors before you buy. "We also recommend taking the time to hand-clean them, as that is likely to produce the best results."

To reduce future smudges, you should place your mirrored furniture away from high-traffic areas, position them more towards the corners of the room, and add barriers between the mirrored surfaces and other items. "This reduces the amount of times your kids, pets, and other family members may touch the furniture," adding that if you have a vanity, for example, you should place organizers on top of the mirrored surface to hold your items. "This will help eliminate the potential of dragging items across the mirror that cause scratches and may help catch minor spills from perfume bottles, makeup, and more."

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